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Stretching beyond Swope

by MKelley22,
I live near Swope Park and have thoroughly enjoyed being able to walk for recreation with my family more. I especially enjoyed the pedestrian-exclusive space set aside earlier in the summer because it meant more space for people to stretch out and enjoy things like the trees in bloom.

I also enjoy riding my bike in the area as well, though that tends to be a bit more treacherous than the walks, and as a result, I always go by myself. The bike lanes on Gregory are fine for me, but my wife refuses to ride because she doesn't feel safe with the drivers speeding by. The side-use path by the KC Pet Project is great, but it doesn't go much further past the facility, so people who bike are pushed into the two-lane street leading into the park, where I often have to contend with drivers speeding past at close proximity and honking.

Swope is fairly close to a number of amenities for this part of the city, including Research Medical Center, the 63rd Street branch of the library, stops on the Prospect MAX bus route, the Parks Department, and numerous churches and other cultural amenities. If you stretch out a bit farther, you can access Troost, and with it even more amenities and resources, such as the Ewing Marion Kauffman School, the Cleaver YMCA, an ALDI grocery store, and a post office.

I want to see the city begin to more aggressively expand protected and connected bike infrastructure and sidewalks so that I and people like me can reach and enjoy more of the great things this area has to offer. Taking such a step also aligns with efforts to create a safer, healthier, and more environmentally friendly streetscape as well.

Taken altogether, it isn't much of a stretch to take these steps in and around Swope.

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