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Location of Development

Here is the feedback we have received so far on the location of development:

  • Development Form
    • Continue developing a growing city which serves the lifestyle choice for spread out, almost entirely residential neighborhoods with convenient connections by car to other uses, and ample parking opportunities in most places
    • Develop neighborhoods which serve the lifestyle choice for denser developments, with mixed uses easily reached by walking or bike, and efficiently short infrastructure systems, including where work or study at home make it more convenient to also perform other activities within one's own neighborhood
    • Avoid sprawl of infrastructure and development, which is environmentally harmful and excessively costly to construct and maintain
    • Develop transit nodes connected by corridors of development
    • Prioritize infill development on undeveloped or underdeveloped land
    • Keep development accessible, but not overcrowded or congested 
    • Center neighborhoods around shops, restaurants, cafes, services, libraries, community centers, parks, etc.
    • Retain the ease of accessing music, sports, and other entertainment
  • Downtown
    • Reinforce the momentum of Downtown revitalization, and do not be overly confident that it will continue without new efforts
    • Make the Downtown waterfront a major venue for entertainment and recreation, possibly involving shopping, a marina, or efforts to clean the water
    • Locate major stadiums Downtown
    • Bring shopping back Downtown
    • Continue existing types of development occurring in Downtown, but also encourage relatively new types, such as housing for families with children 
    • Create more parks, courtyards, or other improved public space Downtown, possibly including capping Freeway Loop highways, and join them to each other and to spaces in other neighborhoods
  • Central Corridor 
    • Maintain the variety of entertainment districts from River Market to Waldo, each of which have their own character, but which are easily accessible to each other; or conversely, dismantle entertainment districts
    • Maintain the convenience of having restaurants close to entertainment, and the variety of restaurants and bars in walking distance of each other
    • Adapt to a possibly great decline in demand for commercial real estate resulting from the pandemic 
    • Make concrete tree squares large enough for the trees to survive
    • Better connect the West Bottoms, particularly its historic architecture, to the Central Business District
    • Deal with crime, particularly in Westport
  • East Side
    • Reduce societal inequity and division by proactively supporting and performing East Side development 
    • Extend current development across segregation lines
    • Strengthen the foundation for East Side development by improving economic opportunities and the quality of life there
    • Improve conditions in blighted areas to the same quality as in other areas
    • Provide more retail stores in the East Side
    • Provide good quality, affordable grocery stores in East Side food deserts
    • Provide the resources/investment needed for preserving, maintaining, rehabilitating, improving, or redeveloping East Side neighborhoods
    • Produce and implement a comprehensive plan to improve education, healthcare, and safety in the East Side
    • Provide better access to jobs, education, and services, including expanding the streetcar system into the East Side
    • Confront and dismantle redlining and seek to reverse its longstanding impacts
  • Suburban Areas
    • Build upon the great existing momentum for development of new neighborhoods in the Northland
    • Supply more pools, community centers, parks, street lighting, and decent arterials in the Northland
    • Address growing crime
    • Address the polarization of priorities resulting from development in older areas versus development in suburban-type areas
    • Establish conservation areas
    • Provide streetcar, light rail, or commuter rail lines
    • Increase economic development opportunities in the I-29 corridor
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