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Development Support

Here is the feedback we have received so far on development support:

  • Branding
    • Inspire development and relocation here by advertising and enhancing our wonderful big city amenities (arts, entertainment, cuisine, sports) in a city which is still affordable, uncrowded, uncongested, friendly, and welcoming
    • Advertise and capitalize upon our central location in the country
    • Publicize Kansas City's history, particularly the leading role of the Kansas City/St. Joseph region in the settlement of the West
    • Attract and inspire equitable development by branding KC with a theme of inclusion; then reinforce it by teaching it in schools, media ads, billboards, articles in government brochures, private journalism columns, and blogs
    • Support restoration of the many attractions that led Kansas City to be placed in top ten lists but which have been closing due to COVID-19
  • Infrastructure
    • Supply the infrastructure which will encourage and meet the needs of new development projects 
  • Resources
    • Distribute resources equitably among all neighborhoods
    • Deal with reduced fiscal resources for supporting development, as tax revenues decrease resulting from the pandemic and its recession
  • Incentives to Pursue
    • Provide incentives to worthwhile development that would not occur without them
    • Provide smaller incentives in more neighborhoods
    • Use incentives to assist growth of local entrepreneurs, instead of to lure companies to move here
    • Grant incentives to development that is not only sustainable from an environmental and social standpoint, but can reduce blight, improve job access or quality of life in disadvantaged areas, restore greenspace, or reconnect neighborhoods
    • Improve air quality in disadvantaged neighborhoods by granting incentives to truck and train facilities which would use low emission vehicles 
    • Grant incentives to develop new uses for parking lots and vacant lots in the Urban Core
    • Subsidize development which includes gardening with native plants and rainwater irrigation systems
    • Better target Tax Increment Financing (TIF) to achieve broad goals
  • Incentives to Avoid
    • Do not provide incentives at a level which diverts too much funding from alternative expenditures for worthwhile facilities and services
    • Eliminate the Planned Industrial Expansion Authority (PIEA) which has little planning expertise, but diverts vast revenues from schools, etc. to developers
    • Avoid granting incentives to big, wealthy developers
    • Avoid granting incentives to non-resident developers or to non-resident owners of rental housing
    • Avoid granting incentives for luxury housing
    • Avoid granting incentives to projects with little chance of success
    • Avoid granting incentives for offices or hotels which exceed demand, could be developed without incentives, are in areas where development is already thriving, or only benefit small or already well-to-do interest groups
  • Thriving Economy
    • Support a thriving economy where businesses flourish and amenities can be funded
    • Create a well-educated, well-trained workforce to attract employers and investment to the City
    • Create well-paying jobs of the future to attract young and talented residents
    • Respond to changes in levels of tourism and convention attendance due to COVID-19, continue to find ways to attract them, and maintain our attractions and hospitality facilities
    • Remove barriers to the success of minority-owned businesses, women-owned businesses, or other businesses suffering from discrimination 
    • Moderate the cost of locating here
  • Social Environment
    • Reduce crime
    • Reduce distrust and hostility between police and citizens, police malfeasance, and looting
    • Identify and address mental health problems appropriately 
    • Reduce ethnic and income segregation and discrimination 
    • Reduce disparities in income, wealth, and opportunity
    • Improve educational opportunities for residents, including pre-school, K-12, college, job training, adult education, parenting classes, libraries, and broadband internet access
    • Provide accessible, good quality healthcare facilities
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