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Development in Existing Areas

Here is what we've heard so far regarding development in existing areas:

  • Character
    • Preserve the positive characteristics and uniqueness of our neighborhoods which convey authenticity of our building fabric and sense of place
    • Develop in ways that retain our atmosphere as a collection of villages, with a small-town feeling of comfort, familiarity, down-to-earth tone, acceptance, and belonging 
  • Landscape
    • Retain existing trees, replace trees where they once were, and improve the tree canopy for beauty, healthier air, and reduced urban heat island effect 
    • Maintain our spacious parks and extensive boulevards, and fund them adequately
    • Protect rivers and streams from pollution and trash, and support the Blue River Action Plan
    • Protect existing scenic features and views, particularly toward and from Downtown and the Bluffs
  • Architecture
    • Preserve or restore historic buildings and neighborhoods
    • Preserve special architecture
  • Facilities & Services
    • Make existing areas more livable by preserving or adding amenities and attractions
    • Provide good quality, affordable grocery stores throughout the City, particularly in current "food deserts", possibly through public/private partnerships
    • Provide neighborhoods with community centers, food kitchens, etc., including reuse of vacant churches
    • Provide City services equitably, or, conversely, balance City expenditures in each neighborhood with what it receives from each neighborhood 
    • Build a new jail 
  • Housing
    • Retain existing affordable housing by preserving the existing good quality housing stock, making homes more energy efficient, limiting property tax and rental increases, subsidizing more existing housing, combatting redlining, and improving quality where needed without excessive costs 
    • Collaborate to restore empty/boarded up houses 
    • Assist people who are evicted due to job losses during the pandemic 
    • Deal with the acquisition of housing by speculators, large corporations, and management firms only interested in jacking up rents 
    • Encourage property owners to explore section 8/voucher housing options as a viable investment vehicle
  • Infrastructure
    • Keep current streets, sewers, water lines, utilities, communication systems, and other infrastructure in good condition
    • Equitably maintain current infrastructure against the ravages of age, wear and tear, and climate change
    • Separate combined sewers
    • Avoid developing high-capacity highways with heavily polluting vehicles through existing neighborhoods
  • Blight
    • Prevent blight (and, under Broken Windows theory, discourage crime) by keeping neighborhoods clean, well-maintained, and free of litter, illegal dumping, vandalism, and graffiti
    • Educate citizens about how to maintain their homes
    • Enhance clean-up efforts by engaging neighborhoods, centralizing organization online, paying disadvantaged persons to conduct them, and solving trash collection problems
    • Enforce the property maintenance code
    • Regarding vacant, abandoned or dilapidated buildings or lots, favor restoration, rehabilitation, and reuse over tearing down and rebuilding
    • Redevelop blighted areas where smaller rehabilitation efforts would be insufficient or infeasible
    • When redevelopment is infeasible and there is very little demand to locate in an area, let some of the area revert back to nature 
  • Gentrification & Displacement
    • When redeveloping or making major improvements to a neighborhood, avoid gentrification and displacement by including plans and resources to allow existing residents and occupants to remain in the neighborhood
    • If displacement does occur and it pushes lower income people to farther out areas, respond to their changing needs for transit, services, and facilities
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