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Development Administration

Here is the feedback we have received so far on development administration:

  • Planning
    • Develop based upon our needs, desires, characteristics and strengths, and avoid building too much of the same thing or excessive copying of what other cities do
    • Plan equitably in recognition of differing opportunities, resources and baselines; or, conversely, spread efforts and resources evenly 
    • Base plans upon data which have been confirmed and analyzed before using them
    • Enhance chances for successful planning by including implementation details, deadlines, performance measures, and commitment from politicians 
    • Provide concise versions of development policies 
    • Better integrate transportation planning with land use planning
    • Prepare for a possible influx of migrants fleeing dangers elsewhere in the US from wildfires, droughts, rising oceans, stronger hurricanes, congested cities, etc. 
    • Deal with the effects of revenue shortfalls resulting from COVID-19 with respect to reduced expenditures for development
  • Actors
    • Have staff meet with residents inclusively on a regular basis to discuss current and long-range planning, and to develop detailed plans which show developers what residents want
    • Create plans based upon common metrics, values, and strategies which are common knowledge (i.e. that all actors know and that each actor can be confident that the other actors know)
    • Make plans "living documents" that actually result in physical improvements, budget items, and guidance for grassroots organizations to work toward goals and to train others to do so
    • Put the desires of neighborhood residents ahead of those of big developers
    • Ensure that both the public and private sectors are following City guidelines, policies, and plans
    • Establish a forum to connect people who share an interest in working together, even casually, to improve specific neighborhoods or the City
    • Teach citizens how City revenues are collected, where each major class of revenue is collected from geographically, and the cost of providing services geographically, so that we can plan for a sustainable, equitable future, possibly involving reparations 
    • Tone down the extreme rhetoric between adversaries, such as landlords versus tenants, economic development agencies versus other taxing jurisdictions, and interjurisdictional discussions on dividing the City's resources north/south and east/west
    • Join other governments in the Metro Area to perform regional land use planning
    • Join with KCK in planning, management, and funding regarding transportation, economic development, housing, education, etc. 
  • Cost of Sprawl
    • Charge developers for the costs of extending sewer and water service to their developments
    • Use development fees, subdivision regulations, or zoning to create financial mechanisms without sunset to compensate for the costs of sprawled/low density development
  • Zoning & Development Code
    • Get community input on preferences regarding changes in zoning regulations
    • Upzone for more middle density housing/walkup apartments, inclusionary housing, and transit-oriented development 
    • Reduce or remove certain zoning to allow neighborhoods to reshape themselves into self-sustaining mixed-use communities
    • Allow flexibility in minimum lot widths for infill housing
    • Provide density bonuses for apartment buildings being constructed or renovated
  • Building Code
    • Require carbon-neutral design of new buildings 
  • Business Regulation
    • Create more regulations to prevent pay day loans/check-into-cash and liquor stores in our poorer neighborhoods
    • Better enforce regulation of big businesses
    • Reduce regulation of businesses
  • Quasi-Public Entities
    • Create Community Improvement Districts to fund neighborhood improvement
    • Establish land trusts in outlying areas 
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